One of the new fads is to activity for keywords and niches based on an R/S Ratio. The 'R' is the amount of websites saved with that keyword as rumored by a investigate engine search (the indefinite quantity), and the 'S' is the cipher of searches on that keyword (the pressure).

Here is How This Works

In pretence domain the cipher of searches would be 100,000 and the amount of websites would be 1 (your website), sequent in an R/S magnitude relation of .00001.

In reality, the figure of saved websites is almost 1,000,000 and the figure of searches is 10,000, resultant in an R/S quantitative relation of 100.

Theoretically, the lower the quantitative relation the better, which is why numerous marketers put forward that low R/S ratios be searched for and past targeted. Keywords next to overflowing R/S ratios are in real time redundant.

Why the R/S Ratio is Meaningless

Theoretically, the ratio works, but now let us get rearmost to the sincere world. If you are ignoring keywords or niches next to great ratios you are wanting notably paid markets.

The digit of websites reported as the 'supply' is frequently nonmeaningful. This is why the quantitative relation does not work if it is supported on the amount of computing device generated results. So Google says it found 10,000,000 different websites beside your keyword. Hope is not missing. You are not enemy opposed to 10 million websites. Hardly any of the websites will have thing to do with your reference market.

Compare the following:

Example 1

Search results - 100,000
Searches - 10,000
R/S Ratio - 10

Example 2

Search results - 5,000,000
Searches - 100,000
R/S Ratio - 50

Which standard is possibly more than profitable?

You have no way of knowing! If you mechanically backfire to write off as Example 2 in your selling pains because it has a substantially high magnitude relation you may have ready-made the inaccurate declaration and redundant 100,000 potential clients.

You status to in actual fact reassessment the websites timetabled in the check out results to see what significance they surround. This is critical. The 'supply' lateral of the mathematical statement that necessarily to be evaluated is not the number of websites containing your keyword, but the figure of websites that are actual competitors.

If the top websites are openhanded away your hearsay for free, resembling polity sites, later conceivably it is example to insight a variant keyword to reference.

But more than probable you will see solitary a few, or possibly a few twelve websites that really bequeath meaning delighted or products that vie opposed to you. Instead of a speculative 5,000,000 websites, in actuality at hand may only be 50 - or smaller number.

The R/S quantitative relation investigating is too first and foremost single prominent for colloquial force out motor results. Through pay-per-click programs you can rear your website to the top of the search out engine grades page, and your race for PPC keywords will be even little. Sometimes it will be nonextant.

You likewise need to remember that a giant R/S quantitative relation in Google may not be dignified in Yahoo, 7Search, or different poke about engine. Similarly, keywords for which dictation competition is fierce on Google may be wide-open in Overture.

As a result, do not be sudden to contempt an entire keyword market due to your pilot evaluation that the keyword has a fearful provide and call for magnitude relation. Dig a puny. Review the actual search motor results and act as a potential end user to better calculate what the genuine game is. Compare antithetic furrow engines, and measure up to unlike PPC programs. This excess try will oft expose profitable markets that your competitors, using a blemished analysis, will neglect.

Copyright 2004 Brian Kindsvater

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