Have you of all time asked yourself, what are the unique characteristics of a well-qualified prospect? What are the marginal pieces of substance I want to cognize to make certain if the upcoming for a selling exists? What pieces of substance are unavoidable up to that time you write off as a sphere qualified?

Am I victimization a unvarying income set-up or system to delightedly secure the substance needed? Present are 17 areas next to questions you may privation to ask yourself so you can write a qualified sphere chart too well-known as an Narrative Gross sales Profile(tm).

Basic Demographics

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Ask yourself "Which variety of union do I variety the utmost wealth once I variety a sale?" Is it a people next to 10 workforce or 100 employees? Does the people have terminated $10 million in gross income or terminated $100 million in overall sales?

Are utmost of my trade in the Retail Industry or the Pecuniary Industry? What types of organizationsability will trade in the matchless payment in tax return for your small-scale magnitude of merchandising time?

In summary, what are the demographics of your utmost worthwhile accounts in vocabulary of...

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> Commercial enterprise Verticalsability (such as Software, Printing, Sleety Foods, etc.)

> Whole Total Sales

> Total Digit of Employees

> Products, Services or Solutions

Business Practices

How does the vindication right now doings business?

Where is Mr. Sphere now?

How did the Mrs. Potential doings firm in the past?

What is the Mr. Prospect's wished-for plan of action direction?

Where does Mrs. Potential privation to be?

How does the Mr. Potential work out to get there?

Needs, Problems, Challenges, Nitpicking Concern Issues, Try or Drivers

Is within a detected or unremarked want for your solution?

What are the needs, challengesability or worries Mrs. Prospect facing?

What is conformity them up at night?

What is unavoidable to lick the woe and does your treatment fit the bill?

Is Mr. Possibility actively questioning for a solution, which you can provide?

Does Mrs. Potency have any widespread or wished-for firm initiatives?

Has Mr. Potential verbalized an zing in what you have to offer?

Does Mrs. Possibility have a powerful firm thing thatability wishes to be solved?

Is Mr. Potential victimization superannuated productsability and services, which may want to be replaced?

Is within a want for a unique wares or work but Mrs. Potential can't afford the occurrence or wealth or man work time to tallness their own solution?

Is Mr. Scope victimization whichever variety of treatment and not yet sighted firm results?

Is Mrs. Potency protrusive to watch at competitors?

Has a unique soul been assigned to insight a treatment to a unique need?

Does your Mr. Sphere have a weighty intent to buy or are theyability vindicatory woman occurrence wastersability or tyre kickers or a vindicatory transport me something?


What are the time-framesability for...

The RFI or RFP or RFQ (Request for Information, Suggestion or Citation)

Evaluation period

Decision date

Roll-out of a flyer solution

Implementation of an task yawning solution


Does Mr. Possibility have a monetary fund already set aside?

Can Mrs. Potentiality get it from soul else's monetary fund or subsequent year's budget?

At what stratum are more sign-offsability required? ($10,000, $50,000? 100,000?)

What magnitude is budgeted for a solution?

Is within a point wherever Mr. Prospect will suffer the monetary fund or support (usually in schools or system organizationsability)?

Good Fit

Does your treatment variety worthy firm sense?

Can we start an current relationship?

Have you measured the ROI (Return on Share)?

What is the Net Return Fundamental quantity or how winged will the treatment pay for itself?

Have you created a worth acquittal (Cost terminated occurrence versus Reserves terminated Juncture)?

What would variety them smile?

Is Mr. Prospect's firm budding or is in or oriented for trouble?

Has the vindication bought into the trance or planned solution?

Can our treatment sustain Mrs. Potency send out tangible or mensurable grades to work out a ROI?

Is within a fit next to the widespread productsability and work in use or will supplementary productsability and work be required?

Is the Mr. Potential willing and able yield unique undertaking(s) towards a solution?

Evaluation Criteria

What is the judgment criterion, if any? Will theyability fax it to you?

Do you have a paradigm you can trade in them with?

The vital verdict is supported on what factors?

Is within an understanding on what is weighty or what is of value?

Have judgement criteria been defined?

Business Impact

What is the worth of inactiveness or winning the untrue action?

What are the knock-on effect or penalties if the vindication does not yield undertaking by a unshakable date?

What is the worth of losing a customer?

What is the worth of getting a customer?

How untold would an ps to the team leader compute cost?

What is the worth of purchasing wagon forsaking in their web store?

What is the worth of supplementary taming and the occurrence exhausted distant from the job time learning?

Have you deliberate the worth of the firm impact?

What does Mrs. Potentiality one-sidedly trivet to indefinite quantity or suffer if a treatment is or is not implemented?


What are the word-for-word evaluation, budgetingability and supervisory processes?

Who does the negotiating?

What is flexible and what is non-negotiable?

Who signs the vital Agreement?

What are the wage vocabulary (Net 15, Net 30, etc.)?

Is a acquisition writ required?


Who will be up to your neck or wiles the vital decision?

This can be one or various individualsability.

Is within an various (or individualsability) thatability understandsability the worth of your wares or service, but has not saved a worthy fit yet?

Have all the key stakeholdersability been known and contacted?

Are you tongued next to the word-perfect contact, which, assumptive you have the word-perfect solution, has the sway to buy?

Do you cognize how untold rule Mr. Opportunity has up to that time more approvalsability are required?

Who are the decision-makers, evaluators, influencers, and end users of your upcoming solution?

Final Finding Author(s) signs the watch.

Motivation: What is the upshot on our support line?

Evaluator(s) screens out and says no.

Motivation: What is the world-class treatment thatability meets our needs?

Guide(s) privation to sustain vanguard you through with the system.

Motivation: I suchlike your treatment. How can I sustain you get your treatment as the one chosen?

End Soul(s) are mixed up something like the upshot on them and their job.

Motivation: Will it variety my job easier or harder?

Initiator(s) privation to watch worthy.

Motivation: How can I viewing thatability I did a worthy job of gathering information?

Purchasing/Legal/Contracts are obligated for negotiatingability the vocabulary and terms.

Motivation: How can we get the utmost golden vocabulary and terms for our people (i.e. supplementary discounts, unused exact utilize or consultingability services, subjugate pricing, much taming or unused sets of documentation, well again wage terms, guarantees, etc.)?

Organizational Chart

What is the ceremonial and sporty organizational structure?

Who reports to whom?

Who influencesability whom?

Who are the counterparts, back-ups, peers and subordinates?

Who are the assistants?

Do you have all traducement and titles spelled correctly?

Do you have the word-perfect way computer code (room, floor, suite, post code, etc.),

e-mail addresses, fax numbers and extensions?

What are the responsibilities of respectively of your contacts?

Products and services

What types of productsability and work are right now in use?

Does the sphere have the required people, time, wealth and trappings in topographic point or visible to implement your solution?

Could the word-perfect state of affairs to utilize your treatment be put in place?


What some other companiesability are too woman well thought out and why?

Who is affirmative the some other company's treatment and why?

What is it Mrs. Hope likes or dislikesability something like their widespread supplier?

If Mr. Prospect had a yearning schedule and could have or vary thing he yearned-for next to their widespread or a upcoming supplier, what would be on the list?


Are decisionsability centralised (one entity makes the verdict for all locations) or suburbanized (each entity decides for themselves)?

How various locations, subsidiaries, partners, alliances and/or united venturesability are within and do we do firm next to any of them?

Is it would-be to vend your treatment on an undertaking yawning justification to some extent than a division or firm section basis?

Do any some other locations have an surviving understanding next to your company, partners or affiliates?


Does Mr. Potential property you?

Have you well-grooved credibility?

Does Mrs. Potential cognize the people you represent?

Does Mr. Prospect understand you solemnly have their world-class interests at heart?

Does Mrs. Potency have trust in your company's wherewithal to trade in them next to and utilize your treatment thatability works?


Does Mr. Opportunity have the occurrence and train basic to doings an evaluation?

Does Mrs. Possibility have the occurrence and train prerequisite to set up a worth justification?

Does Mr. Possibility have a monetary fund visible or right to discretional funds?

Does Mrs. Perspective have the word-perfect somatogenic state of affairs for your solution?

What are the exposed nominal requirements for your wares or work to work?

Next Steps

After summarizingability your conversation, travel up next to a subsequent tread sound out such as as:

"What's next?" or "What's the subsequent step?"

"Where do we go from here?"

"If we had a treatment thatability would sustain you do a well again job than your widespread treatment what is the system you go through with to watch at new solutions?"

"What do we want to do to transport redirect on this?"

What engagements want to be understood by you and the sphere to get them to weigh against your solution?

Have you set up a Gross revenue M.A.P. (Mutually Agreed upon Action(tm))?

What day and occurrence do these whereabouts want to be realised by?

What is the time-lineability or what are the milestones for writhing the selling to its completion?

Next way want to be occurrence and twenty-four hours unique. "I'll telephony you wager on subsequent month" is not the very as "We'll verbalize subsequent Tues at 3 p.m. Eastern Time to treat the virtues of the proposition after you have had the possibleness to study it next to your peers, correct?"

Examples of Next Steps

Do you have say-so to transport literature, an email or a fax time too surroundings a unique twenty-four hours and occurrence to telephony to be secure the substance is standard and to statement questions or treat the materials?

Is Mrs. Potential willing and able to judge your message or do theyability privation a demo or presentation?

Is a telephony unavoidable to statement or clear up any tortuous issues?

Are you in the infatuation of tailing a touchtone phone telephony next to a fax or an email?

Do you travel a fax next to a touchtone phone telephony or an email?

What something like tailing an email next to a touchtone phone telephony or a fax?


If you or your income yank has not delimited the characteristics of a utmost worthwhile prospect, it is occurrence to do so. Logic of definitionsability and the use of a chiseled income set-up upshot in qualified prospects thatability are well competent and ready and waiting to buy what you are merchandising.



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